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Blackberry is known to the world as one of the luxuries mobile in the market. They have their own app store and operating system to run on blackberry based devices. Blackberry devices are good in class, hardware and software. Developing innovative and high quality apps is very important for blackberry in order to maintain their quality belief among the market. Since most of the business class people use blackberry devices as their day to day device, having an application for blackberry is a good idea for B2B and B2C projects.


Java is the platform used widely for blackberry apps development with specific to J2ME and the other platform being MDS.


Our team use Java, CSS and HTML to design your app and reach to your targeted audiences so that you can be unique among each other.

Blackberry is a rich platform that has various features like multi-tasking, multi-touch interface, wireless information services and much more. This is one of the best platform that supports customization. Blackberry platform is most preferred for business apps as well as for other applications that simplify any task.


Forelius Technologies is involved in the development of simple to complex business solutions and productivity applications with rich multimedia and graphics features. Project enhancement, maintenance, and support is also provided for Blackberry applications. Achieve your business goals with our accurate and creative applications that will assist you in accomplishing daily activities. Blackberry presents versatile tools and features that supports swift development of applications.

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