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Choosing your CMS platform

If you are reading this blog, it's probably because you have decided to host your website on CMS i.e., Content Management Systems platform.  Before confirming your cms platform, it becomes essential to know the merits and demerits of it. There are a numerous number of cms platforms available. Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla are the three most popular and widely-used CMS.CMS are a rich source for hackers, as they form a major portion of the internet. Its popularity has made it an easy target for hackers. Due to this reason they have strengthened their security over time. All platforms are free and open source and offers extensions and add-ons to support code core to add additional functionalities. Their security policies may differ but the similarity is that they are based on the PHP scripting language and mainly use MySql.  Now let’s compare these three platforms.


Wordpress is the most widely used CMS platform, which makes it prone to frequent attack of hackers. The Wordpress security team consists of only 25 experts, including lead developers and security experts. Wordpress is used in around 75 million websites, which makes up to 27% of the internet. Comparing with such huge numbers the size of the security team is much low.

Wordpress offers premium security services for their paid services. Those who pay for their services will get an in depth analysis of their codes. They will also be guided for best practices in web development. This will ensure that their website will live always, with less maintenance costs or critical issues.

Third party plugins and extensions are the major cause vulnerability for Wordpress. They provide an easy entry point for hackers to hack the website. This is the major problem because 56% of all vulnerabilities in Wordpress are caused by them. In order to protect such a vast number of sites, security suggestions are frequently updated to customers through security team.


Joomla is the most simple and easy to configure CMS among the three. This makes it popular among those who have limited knowledge in handling content online. Though Joomla’s core is secured, there are drawbacks users can fall into when configuring their system.

Joomla’s help support documents encourages users to focus on what they can do to optimize their system security. Though Joomla’s security team consists of only 13 individuals, they provide solid information to users to configure security in a proper way by themselves.  


Drupal team is very serious about security and has a team on forty individuals, who works tirelessly to improve and maintain the security of Drupal projects. This is the reason why, Drupal is considered as the most secured among the three CMS. Drupal is designed for more proficient users and can handle huge amount of complex content.

The list of US state, provincial and national governments using Drupal CMS, tells us how highly secure it is. US government sites including the white house, House of Representatives use Drupal.People who are in charge of these sites would have got suggestion from leading experts in information security that Drupal is the best CMS to handle highly classified data online.

Based on your requirements and your experience in handling content online, choose the content management system which suits you.


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