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Multiple Advantages of One Page Website

One page websites are extremely famous now. A huge number of businesses have recently migrated to one page website.  Multinational companies have also started to temporarily deploy one page websites as preview pages and placeholders as a launching pad for their promotional activities before a big launch.

Below, we’ve explored how the simple layout could potentially impact your SEO. If you are unfamiliar with one page websites there are numerous web sites in an effort to exhibit them.

What is a one page website?

One Page Website as the name refers is a single page website with just one webpage. Though it may sound easy to get a one page website, properly developing and deploying with prior planning is a must.

How it works?

One page websites have menu bar like usual websites. Yet the way you navigate to other web pages differ, selecting a menu from the menu bar take the users down to a predefined anchor somewhere on the site’s single page. This is done through JavaScript, CSS3, Ajax and jQuery.

Business owners/Companies get lots of benefits by deploying one page website.

  • Reduced development time – It takes less time to develop a one page website when compared to a normal multi pages website.
  • Easy Maintenance – If you need to update your one page website, it’s easy work because of its all in one page architecture.
  • Better Mobile Experience - It’s no secret that the majority of users performing web searches are doing it from a mobile device. One page websites usually have a less complicated view for mobile, and users find them simple to navigate.They also load quicker than multi-page web sites, which is a big bonus for maximum users who don’t have the endurance to wait longer than some seconds for a site to load. In addition, few users find it tough to click on extra pages or tabs on a small device, such as a Smartphone, and so having a one page website  is a blessing for people with not-so-thin fingers.
  • Easy to target specific audience - One page web sites are splendid for the ones looking to target a selected audience and offer them a positive user experience. It’s smooth to control their conduct to your website and steer them in a specific path in case you ought not to fear approximately them clicking on diverse pages, possibly within the incorrect order. With a one page website, all of the information you want users to get access to can be provided to them on one page, in any order you pick out to match the needs of your business.
  • Higher Page Authority - Links are one of the biggest factors that determine how nicely a website ranks and the benefit that a single web page website has going for it is that every link received will point to the main URL so there will usually be a 1:1 ratio of links to pages.
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