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Why Online Presence Management is important for your brand ?

What is Online Presence? If you can find an individual or business through an online search (for example, GOOGLE SEARCH), then they are said to have an online presence. If an individual have a face book/LinkedIn account or a business which can be found out through a local business listing but not necessarily have a website of their own, then it’s also called as an online presence.

Managing your personal or professional brand’s online presence is of at most importance in this digital age. Online Process Management is the process of designing and marketing your personal or profession brand online. It includes web design and development, web hosting, digital marketing and online reputation management to create a long lasting presence for an individual/organization online.

Need for online presence management differs for an individual or a personal brand from that of a business or a professional brand. For individuals, creating and maintaining a strong online presence helps them fetch their desired goals. Job seekers can get a great job opportunity my maintaining a good profile in LinkedIn. Independent artists will get the opportunity to work in their dream projects. Independent bloggers can use their online presence to earn full time. Freelancers who don’t have the idea of working for an organization can get excellent opportunities to show their skills with an account in sites like

Now, let’s see about the need of online presence management for a business/professional brand. It gives your clients/customers the ease of accessing your business at the time of their convenience. For example, if your business timing is 9 to 5 but your potential customer can’t contact you within the timeframe, the risk of losing a good business deal is higher. Now imagine if your business as a website through which a customer can contact you that will provide you a greater chance of turning that lead into business.

Statistics have shown that businesses which have great social media representation can see an increase in brand exposure by as much as 83%. Consumers are no longer interested on businesses that do nothing but try to get them to make a purchase. Social media has come in handy for businesses to learn more about their target audience and develop a positive connection.

Branding can done with ease if your business as a stronger online presence. It provides a chance to your target audience to learn more about your brand and helps turning them into your customers. Online marketing tactics like social media, online reviews, and blog posts helps you develop a positive impression of your brand among your target audience.

Strong online presence can help you to take your brand global. Traditional marketing strategies can get you local area business. However online marketing can take your brand to anyone who has internet access and increase your target area.

Quality of customer service is an integral part of any business. Having a website or a social media account allows you to respond to customer feedback/reviews/complaints on time and maintain a positive image about the brand.

Effective cost reduction on promoting your brand can be done, while you have a strong online presence. Traditional marketing involves high budgeting, man power but online marketing can cut it down to half, which allows you to use those resources for better service of your customers.

When it comes to online presence, larger firm or smaller firm doesn’t matter, it’s all about keeping your target audience engaged. However it’s not same when it comes to offline, you can’t compete with the giants on your field offline.

So have a better online presence and get better ROI (Return of Investments)!     

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