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College Management

Forelius Technologies has a suite of selective modules exclusively tailored to the needs of education industry and also support seamless integration with prominent products like “Moodle” and “Tally”. website Development Company Chennai is engineered and designed considering all major management functions and routine processes within education sector.

With the use of this, almost all departments within education industry (e. g. admission, administration, time table, examination, HR, finance etc) can be synchronised and accessed. It can easily bridge the gap between faculties and parents by allowing parents online access to view child’s progress, attendance, grades etc.

Core functions like admissions & fees, time table & attendance, exam & placement management, alumni, SMS & Email notifications, HR and payment, library and hostel, in short entire range of university functions can be well performed by Sri Hema Infotech

College Software Dashboard

  • Dashboard reflects a well understood structure of the entire business
  • Shortcut keys, reminders, a well versatile handy information readily available
  • Information can be spread or notify to the users effortlessly
  • Can plan & manage tasks of the day in a well organised structure
  • Can be easily accessed by the mobile device
  • Can be customised according to the business needs
  • Personalised view to enjoy an ease in assigned task
  • Rated as the most resourceful feature by the numerous users
  • Notifications of key performance indicators

College Student Registration

  • Maintenance of student registrations and information
  • Security of all personal information of the student
  • Students can register themselves and update their information
  • E-registration is the smarter and modern way of access
  • Automated registration numbers for students at the time of enrolment
  • Information access is restricted only provided to those who need to access
  • People with busy schedule can do the e-registration swiftly
  • All documentation can be scanned and stored in software
  • Online registration fee payments through secured gateways
  • Highly regimented and organized system of working in modern environment

College Student Admission

  • Admission formalities can be done in best organized way
  • Summarized report generation with complete admission details
  • Centralized data management process for multiple branches
  • Facilitate anywhere, anytime access and monitoring is trouble-free
  • Maintenance of transparency with student and parents

Admission receipt generation

  • Daily monetary collection report
  • Supervision of multiple branches by single login
  • Multi-located branched integration
  • Incorporation with enquiries management

Student Attendance Management

  • Biometric attendance management
  • Attendance by login facility with configured IP settings
  • Student wise attendance percentage (%) reports
  • Policies can be implemented in pre-structured surroundings
  • Maintenance of transparency with student and parents
  • Flexibility can be provided and administered
  • Error can be shunned
  • Saves time and labour with its unique automated system with multiple facilitation

College Fee Management

Consolidated fee structure report for the entire course tenure

College Transportation Software

  • Centralized transportation management with ample visibility
  • Online organization of time charts, routes, drivers, bus numbers etc
  • Reports analysis and GPS tracking system
  • Messages can be send to the students regarding any modifications
  • Regular updates generation

College Laboratory Software

  • Laboratory management enables to perform each step in a systematic manner
  • Laboratory equipments supplies can be managed
  • Sample log book electronic record can be maintained
  • Product can be located, shelves information can be stored
  • Duplicate orders can be illuminated
  • Inventory and storage can be tracked and maintained
  • Standardize method, procedures can be written by teachers and view by students
  • Time conduction can be maintained and calculated on workflow, chemical reactions etc

College Courses Management

  • Management of course:- registration, affiliation, pre-requisites etc
  • Entire details of course structure to help students in planning of the study schedules
  • Pre-existing course content inclusive of summary, tenure, syllabus, important dates
  • Customized placement of course content
  • Integration with number of students in each course
  • Online delivery system of course content materials and course content package
  • Modifications, functionality and updation are auto generated

College Batches Management

  • Student batches can be defined and organized effortlessly
  • Chances of overlapping the batched timings' has no existence
  • Time can be utilized minute by minute
  • Planning of multiple programs can be planned in efficient way
  • SMS facility for the rescheduling of the batches
  • Student interaction and communication for well-organized batch management

College Student Performance

  • Student evaluation report
  • Parents can observe their child throughout performance
  • Student escalation report to investigate extra class necessity
  • Student can self analyse and amend according to the constraint
  • Customised E-report cards (Printable Formats)
  • Performance drifts can be intensely analysed

College Faculty Management

  • Complete faculties activity reports
  • Faculty's credentials information
  • Daily work can be assigned to the faculties
  • Report against Task assigned with the scheduled timeline analytics
  • Secure eliminated data redundancy
  • Track missed lectures report
  • Efficiency generation reports analysis for improvement
  • Records of guest faculties
  • Remuneration records for variably payments to the lecturers

College Staff Management

  • Staff compensation and benefits policies
  • Personal Information and history of each activity with their documentation uploading options
  • Complete Employee life cycle from enter to exit
  • Category filtration of temporary, permanent, daily wages staff members
  • Pre defined KRA of each staff members
  • Customized Reports with multiple filtration options

College Leave Management

  • Online leave applications approval/rejections with multiple gateways
  • Absolute "NO" to paper work as leave applications
  • Leave eligibility criteria allocated for different locations
  • Online leave account management system
  • Financial year leave summarized report
  • Leave policies overview for employees
  • Reports imports/export options
  • Setting leaves restriction days information
  • Productivity of organization can be increased by managing multiple staff absence for each department
  • Leave balance, history, usage can be analysed
  • Automatic sanction can be set for Senior Staff with notifications to HR
  • Integrated with biometric attendance feature

College Payroll Management

  • All the ESI, PF, Income tax, sales tax deductions, submission reports
  • Compensation, benefits, claims statements
  • Expenses categorised reports for budget monitorization
  • Systematic management of salary, net pay, gross, wages, deductions management according to the remuneration
  • Statuary compliances reports
  • Complete monetary management and accounting charts
  • Various printing with filtrations facilitations
  • Raise compliance with ever-changing legal rules and regulations

College Staff Attendance

  • Attendance management with biometric incorporation facility
  • Detailed report with filtrations like presence, absence etc
  • Auto calculations for salary generation
  • Late coming record sheet
  • Attendance excel upload /Download alternatives

Visitor Tracking

  • Visitors can be geo-located
  • Visitors centre of attraction can be reviewed
  • Online chats reports
  • Time tracking report of each visitor on specified pages
  • Page dropped off report of website
  • Graphical presentation of visitors growth rate
  • Website statistics reports

Documents Manager

  • Important documents can be uploaded and inspected anytime
  • Auto conversion of higher resolutions files to compressed format to save space
  • Effortlessness access to view any past or current document
  • Eco-friendly and economical solution, saves paper and other resources
  • Database can be accessed portably and being a web solution can be accessed from anywhere with high security standards
  • Saves time, employee cost and make the work systematic
  • Data back facility makes it reliable and content consistent

Payment Gateway

  • Declaration of protected transactions of the payment gateway facility
  • Electronic payment reception layouts are accessible
  • Offer zone for advance payments and customised features
  • Eliminate the requirements of waiting for so long to make payments
  • Internet scam anticipation solutions by trusted gateways
  • Customisation of planned fee policies
  • Processing quicker transactions
  • Can be accessed 24 x 7
  • Daily settlement reports

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