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Enquiry Management

Forelius Technologies allows you to easily track and follow up all enquiries and thus, helps in making enquiry handling, tracking and management more efficient. It completely automates the enquiry procedure thereby providing a speedy response and efficient procedure to the entire enquiry flow from the time it is generated till the time of completion. It tracks all enquiries from the originating point thereby, helping your team to improve their enquiry response and achieve excellence in customer services.

Evaluative enables the effective and efficient electronic management of enquiries and requests. Gain quick and easy access to all enquiries and relevant information, including a record of all actions and interactions against an enquiry record along with any attached documents. Any enquiries received can be allocated to teams or individuals.

Enquiries can be received electronically direct from online forms, or manually entered.

Online Forms

Evaluative can be fully integrated with your online enquiry forms. These can vary from a simple request for 'further information' or eligibility check, through to a complex RGF (Regional Growth Fund) application form including the attachment of electronic documents.

The flexibility of Evaluative allows the project profile to be configured to receive all the information entered via the form to be stored in the system for review and where necessary, analysis.

Reporting & Analysis

Evaluative facilitates analysis of all activity across the system, including enquiries, through a collection of standard reports. Standard, bespoke reports to exact personal requirements can be created instantly with Evolutive's inbuilt report writer. The writer allows for template creation, giving 'drag and drop' access to all fields in the database.

Reports can be exported into the most common formats including Word, Excel, PDF, CSV and HTML.


  • Presents a comprehensive view of the enquiries across various travel desks/Offices.

  • Monitor the performance of each Travel Support Desk and Agents

  • Provision for recording TAC and other important details and can track the TAC

  • Track new customer enquiries from websites as well as other multiple sales channels

  • Organize leads and streamline follow-ups

  • Any time review of the enquiry/ Manual/Automatic assigning of enquiries

  • Tracks both the new and existing enquiries and monitor them.

  • Enables quick response time and reminder for timely follow-ups.

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