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Online Ticket Booking Software

We are developing software for online ticket booking for Bus service, Movie Tickets, Booking .Since 2007 we have huge experience in the field of Online Ticket Booking software. our technical experts are very experienced in programming of online ticket booking software. They easily understand your operations of ticket booking and easily deliver you perfect ticket booking software.

Main Features of Online Ticket Booking Software

Options for creating Stations, Station Admin, Booking Points, Users, Agent Quotas, Bus Types, Drivers, Cleaners.CMS for offline braches, FAQ, Terms & conditions etc

  • Book tickets & print in just three easy steps
  • Reports on daily Reservations, Cancellations
  • Easy reservation charts for any day to print
  • Block tickets for a passengers on request with a time limit to pick up ticket
  • Cancel, view, print, block & unblock quota seats/ tickets
  • Booking on Behalf of Offline Agent/Branch by Phone booking with their reference number
  • Multi boarding stations & stages

Update Travel Details

  • Setup Offline Branches/Agencies
  • Set up Cancellation policy
  • Setup Default Boarding/Dropping points and stages
  • Manage notify type Sending of SMSs in various cases

Setting up a service

  • Create a coach with a layout with different Seating names and type of buses
  • Create stations with fare and Commission

Easily manage schedule services

  • Block/Allow reservations services
  • Hidden Buses option
  • Captain/Driver/Cleaners allotment
  • Cancellation/delay intimations
  • View chart/history for any service from starting date
  • Save same coach as for different days
  • Change in rates commission for any selected days

Online Agent Access & Reporting

  • Booking till the last penny of credit amount
  • Check All Agent Details
  • Give Post Paid Or Per-Paid Currency mode
  • Active/Inactivate Online Agents

Dynamic Ticket Pricing

  • Increase or Reduce the ticket price for any given day
  • Discount for direct customers on Ticket fare and lot more.

Communicate by SMS / e-mail / Inbox (Optional feature)

  • Inform passengers about schedule changes, promotions
  • Ticket confirmation with booking details
  • Alerts to passengers for blocked seats
  • Alerts to Branch users/agents
  • Prepared account systems for all offline Agents
  • Bulk SMS Marketing

Manage all the Agents Accounts

  • Manage all the Daily Service Accounts
  • Manage the Service Accounts on every day run


  • View all online agents details records
  • Update Trip sheets
  • Close trips sheets
  • Office Ledger accounts
  • Trip Service Accounts
  • Create Trip codes

Exhaustive reports on collections

  • Occupancy report for all the services by travel date
  • Profit/Loss Of accounts by service
  • Detailed Collections By Online Branch/User/Agent
  • E-ticketing collection
  • Detailed Collection by Offline Branch/Agents
  • Offline Branches/Agents payment due details
  • Revenue from cancellations
  • Get frequent travelers Details
  • Lots more

Agent Top up

  • Agent can be able to book the ticket with extra amount.

We are leading company in development of ticket booking software in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

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